The four steps to improving services for Indigenous Australians described in the introduction apply to workers, i.e.:

  • improving understanding
  • improving competence in working cross culturally
  • seeing the implications for service delivery and community development
  • improving your service delivery and community development through changes to practice.

Some of the practice implications for workers include:

  • understanding the emotional impact on Indigenous Australians of their experiences and their families experiences and ways of working with them appropriately
  • understanding the barriers to Indigenous Australians gaining living skills (for example being separated from their family) and strategies for supporting people in gaining living skills
  • understanding the historical reasons for the lack of trust of institutions and how to build bridges between Indigenous Australians and services and organisations
  • modifying case management practices for Indigenous clients
  • being aware of what is culturally appropriate for the specific services being provided

This web site includes starting points for working on these types of questions. It also includes background information on lots of questions such as:

  • Who are Elders?
  • What is The Dreaming?
  • What happened to the Stolen Generation?
  • What's Native Title?





Test your knowledge

The web site includes a Self-Study Module.

At the end of the Module there is a Self-Assessment of 30 multiple choice questions. When you complete the Self-Assessment you will have the option of emailing the questions and your answers to yourself. You will also be able to view the correct answers.

You also have the option of emailing the questions and your answers to your employer as evidence that you have completed the Module.